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Ground up


Cover Construction is a unique company that provides excellent ground up construction solutions in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

If you have an empty lot and need a new home built or commercial building, you need the services of a construction company that would be able to handle every aspect of the project. Experience, skill, creativity and the right resources are all very important in projects such as these. This is where we come into the picture.

Home Construction

What is included in Ground Up services?

Our custom ground-up construction covers everything from the plans and designs to handing over the keys to you. This means you need to interact with only a single contractor from start to finish. This takes away the stress of having to deal with multiple contractors. We will manage every little aspect of your ground up construction project such as:

Making sure that the designs and plans are as per code

Focusing on utility design and installations

Expert project management

Detailed on-site supervision

Superior quality control

Timely completion of the ground up construction

Designing and planning the landscaped areas

Installation of the gardens and yards

Design and build of outdoor hardscaping features as required

Surveying the lot and creating a feasibility report

Taking accurate measurements and creating plans

Excavating and grading the land

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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